Road Trip: family time.

so it's a right hand turn then, yes?


After Columbus, we headed to Virginia, our home state.  It wasn't until we started in to familiar territory that we fully comprehended the length and impact of our journey: we had just driven across the entire country. 


two old friends and one tiny new one


smaller than the rockies, yes, but just as majestic.


New friends, old friends, new business, unfamiliar landscape, insane rain, summer heat burning off, leaves changing...all a perfect combination to lead us right into the warm, loving arms of family.  What a trip.  When I saw the sign for Roanoke, I knew we'd done something big.  For us.  If friends and family weren't a part of it, it would have been nothing, really. 


such a pretty group


hey, at least we didn't strap them to the roof.


The rest of our trip was full of laughter, birthday cakes, museum exploring, home cooked meals, good conversation, new restaurants, perfect hugs, unconditional support, love (lots of it), nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia.  I am so grateful for the people in my life, the people I've met because of W, and the people I've met since starting this crazy business.


Pisco Sours. Amazing. Ask for one the next time you're in a Peruvian place.


home cooking. I'll drink to that, too.


Thank you for everything, people!  We love you. xo~betsy


Mom's warm embrace.


***Song of the Moment: I Don't Know Why, by Stevie Wonder***

Group 7