Random Pop: Welcome to the Old World.


The treasury is the collection of items you see everyday on the front page of Etsy.  The treasuries are handpicked by other Etsy members.  It always feels good when someone wants to put you in their treasury.  The treasury is sort of a wild subculture of the handmade world---people become addicted and obsessed with having the best treasuries.  This morning I had a sweet message from Impulse Art that she had chosen one of my pieces for her "Old World Feel" Treasury.  I immediately fell in love with the mood she created here.  I am drawn to Greece, the brown/gray texture, history, and cracks of this treasury.  I had to share it with you all.

The bottom middle necklace belongs in my collection.

(btw, you can create a drinking game with this post:  for every time I use the word "treasury," take a swig!)

***Song of the Moment: Dirt On Your New Shoes, by Bishop Allen***

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