Outfit of the day: Spice me up Orange.


Sweeties, I know I've been vacant this week.  Please forgive me.  I'm still wildly preparing for Shecky's coming up SO SOON.  I head for NYC this coming Monday and I'M SO EXCITED (slash: a little freaked out, but working through it)! Today, I needed to stay casual, but throw in a little spice.  I got this new vintage orange sherbet dress from Anissa's great online shop, Night Owl Vintage.  The dress is more for winter, but I didn't see a problem stealing the belt for a day, to add dimension to an otherwise drab outfit.  (I'm telling you people...it's all about accessorizing!  You can seriously transform any normal/boring outfit into something immediately sassy).




(...meet my little pork chops.  I'm not trying to demean my feet...I do love the little suckers, but I am trying to get across the point that I stand on my feet all day and when it's hot and muggy in Portland, my feet will be holding it against me.  I do have stools in my studio, but for some reason I prefer to stand...ALL day, sometimes.) plain gray tee---American Apparel awesome athena shoes--- made out of recycled tires and made in Oregon by these cool Peruvian dudes, you can find them at Art Fairs and such. belt---Night Owl Vintage pants---Pin Me Apparel orange spicy owl earrings---betsy & iya glasses---blink


See...with the right accessories, you're on your way to popping image success (at least for your own entertianment).  When I see a glimpse of myself in the mirror today, I feel a surge of orange spice energy a shock of happy. This feeling then accompanies me through my day and on my way to making NY an incredibly positive and brightly orange experience. ***Song of the Moment: Queen of the Savages, by The Magnetic Fields***
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