Outfit of the Day: Will gets sassy.

A little while ago, I shot some OOTD pics of Will.  I thought he was going to fight it, but it turns out he was a natural. Here, he is working hard in the back room; probably, he's building some sort of wild spreadsheet art.  He's very talented.  Y'all should check out his gallery some time. A few years ago, when we started officially dating, he grew a beard.  Apparently, I had expressed my love for beards somewhere along the way.  He took that and put it all over his face.  And he didn't take it off until just before these pictures (it's back on again).  I had no idea I had such an influence on that baby face, but truth is---I love it (like, a lot) either way. Insert:  Gingham tries to eat my boots:  


this will be the only caption of this post: LOOK at that chest. (just imagine little hearts floating around my head).


Then I made him put on a necklace.  I think it looks pretty good on him.  You can find it in our shop by clicking here (or the picture):

Now, he's sleeping because he stayed up until 3 am (on his "day off," nonetheless) putting our newest color vintage items up for sale in our shop.  His drive sorta blows my mind sometimes.  It's infectious.

Then he got sassy.  Honestly, it surprised me that it hadn't happened sooner.  He's so good at technical things---things that I find very difficult sometimes---that it's easy to forget just how funny he is.  That was the first thing that attracted me to him, back when we were just friends.

Now he's my best friend and my husband...

(who regularly wears TLE, American Apparel, and St John's teeshirts with cool pants and usually a converse or two thrown in).

I love this guy so much.

***Song of the Moment: Oh, My Darling, by Basia Bulat***


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