So here's our to do list for today:
  • > ORIGINS cuts/etching
  • > ETSY cleanup
  • > THE MUSIC refine and finish (hoops + simple necklaces)
  • > QUICKBOOKS decision
  • > SPREADSHEET pricing
  • > PR (new color + the music) (IDEALLY: new website + new space)

Just eight things, right!?  No problem!  So why do I feel all panic-y?  Not like shaky and losing it, but like a little buggy and maybe just a smidge tight-chested.  Perhaps that's because each one of those line items has 14 secret sub-points that are lurking in the background.  But are we gonna get it done?!? 


Two thumbs up!

Betsy says yes.  YES.  YES!

We were lauded at a luncheon yesterday and it was lovely.




We're great! 

It says: PSU Business Outreach Program Small Business of the Year Award Presented to Betsy Cross and Will Cervarich, Betsy & Iya, in recognition of Business Growth and Job Creation.  How's that for awesome!?  We were really touched and flattered. At the luncheon, the MC riffed: "My grandmother was a small business owner and she used to say: 'Being a small business owner is incredible.  The hours are very flexible.  Very flexible.  You can work any 80 hours a week you like.'"  I like her style.  And I like the hours.  And I like succeeding.  And I know we will.  Sayonara, to-do list.  Sayonara secret sub-points.  Sayonara buggy feeling. ***Song of the Moment: Hungry Like a Tiger, by Jared Mess & the Grown Children***

Group 7