Outfit of the Day: Resurrected.

I was looking back on this blog and realized that I haven't done one of these in so long.   I miss it!  So here it goes... Was feeling a little silly: Typically, I would pick the few best photos from the mini OOTD photo shoot and present them here.  But I was having so much fun and so excited to be resurrecting the OOTDs, that I'm including them all---ridiculous fun. This one is my favorite.  See if you can spot the surprise in the background. Boots:  Matisse Shirt: Michael Stars from Scout and Molly's. Dress: from Radiance (Indie shop on Hilton Head Island) Necklace:  Purchased on the street in Mexico City. betsy & iya: What I would have worn with this... The Desert Landing Hoop.


Time of my life.

Outfits are BACK.

***Song of the Moment:  Get it Together, by The Beastie Boys***

Group 7