Hot Shoot.

Hot Ship earrings and Native Plate necklace


Native Plate necklace.


It's always a major honor when someone asks to use my designs for a photo shoot.  Lately, there have been some heavy hitters... Portland Monthly Magazine's insanely awesome Fall fashion spread, upcoming spreads for Oregon Bride magazine, and ShedRain's newest shoot with the amazing Scott James (who we also worked with this month on our OWN shoot...cannot WAIT to share our photos with you).  It's the second time we've been asked to work with ShedRain and the second time our expectations have been far outrun by awesomeness.  Here's a peek into the hotNESS.


Morse Code necklace..."now"


Morse Code necklace. One of my all-time favorites.


Spotty Triangle necklace + a sneak peek at brand new design...look out for listing soon.


new earring design...stay tuned for listing!! (just a few days...promise)!


simple, modern hammered brass collection. Double V earrings + Southern Lights necklace = SEX-Y!


Southern Lights necklace.


The Generals.


New design sneak peeks! These will be available online in a few days!


Have I said this before????: I love my job. ***Song of the Moment: Thank You, by Led Zeppelin***

Group 7