Outfit of the Day: No boundaries.

bh1011(I know this picture is super blurry, but there's something about it that really appeals to me.)

Okay okay, I keep aplogizing for neglecting my blog and it looks like I'm just going to have to let that go, for now...not the blog, but apologizing for not being here every day.  When I'm here, I'll be here fully---know that.  Sometimes keeping up with a thriving jewelry business, creating plays, and planning a wedding at the same time, gets to be a little hectic! No boundaries:

bh1012(Again with the blurry photo.  There's so much action behind me, lots of blended colors and short breaths.  But there I stand in the middle, brightly signed, focused, breathing...it says to me, "I'm gonna get through this.")

And boy did I get through it!?!!  The Bargain Hunting 101 sale at the Crystal Ballroom was such a wonderful event.  I first attended the bi-annual sale in February, as a shopper.  I was so overwhelmed by the amazing indie goodness and MAD sales, that when presented with the opportunity to sell there, I jumped onto the wagon head first and didn't look back.


I wore:

Dress: strapless bright orange linen, with frilly hot pink detail from Zachary's Smile in NYC

Cardigan: purchased at United Colors of Beneton seems-like-they're-going-out-of-business sale in DC

Hosiery: I can always find the best/craziest tights at Nordstrom.

Boots: do I even have to say?  The most awesome Fryes from  Johnny Sole in PDX.

Apron: an original made by my amazing assitant, Lupe, for these such events.  It helps keep me in check.

Necklace & Earrings: Two one-of-a-kind pieces from yours truly.  The earrings were made with scrap ribbon from online orders; and the necklace from aftrican trade copper on ribbon.  The earrings are mine and the necklace was purchased off my neck at the event.  I made many new designs to test at this huge sale event.  Luckily, they were all a hit and I have MUCH work to do in adding new items to my shop.

I'll leave you with this new design as a teaser:

(These are the Lindsay SUPERsass earrings; named after my lovely, spunky little cousin.  You can click on the picture for a direct link to purchase.)


This outfit was inspired by my assistant, Lupe.  She always storms into work with the most daring color combos, textures, and shapes all under the same-day-outfit roof.  I thought I was a wild dresser!!  I had no idea.


I knew I wanted to wear my new(ish) orange dress.  And then I wanted stripes and arms, because it was cold.  And then I wanted semi-protection on my legs and instead of opting for the most coordinating hosiery, I chose my favorite.  That set the tone for the rest of the outfit.  I continued picking my favorite choices for the purposes they could fulfill, and then I had a wacky outfit set out on the bed---and I went for it!


I felt FANTASTIC and ended up having a great/relaxed time selling.  (I like how I say "relaxed" and in these photos, you can see Lupe in blue, to the left of me, working her butt off with customers---taking payments, answering questions, wrapping purchases, etc...ah, life is good.)

I hope this bright orange, purple, striped, no boundary outfit is an indication of how this week will pan out.  I need it!

***Song of the Moment: The State I Am In, by Belle & Sebastian***

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