Outfit of the Day: Date with a Unicorn.

Amory sported the most vibrant and colorful outfit the other day. She's usually not as excited to snap #ootd pics but when we mentioned she looked good enough to hang out with a unicorn her mood shifted towards a more optimistic approach. betsy and iya_Amory and the unicorn betsy and iya_Amory and the unicorn2 betsy and iya_Amory and the unicorn3 Look how wonderfully photogenic this girl is! It's a shame she doesn't like having her picture taken... hopefully all these lovely photos of her will change her mind. betsy and iya_Amory and the unicorn4 Also, I think we've mentioned before that this girl likes to climb rocks. If you get her outside she can't stand still for more than five minutes without finding something to climb on. betsy and iya_Amory and the unicorn5 betsy-and-iya_am-dance


Top & Pants, thrifted

Scarf, abandoned bar find

Frye Boots, gifted from a friend of Mom's

Unicorn print by Laura George, available in our shop!

I think any unicorn would be lucky to spend time with this vibrant climber.   Unicornkisses, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac***
Group 7