Expansion Update: Keep Portland Wired.

Greetings #betsyandiyabuildout followers, it's time for another construction update! Last time it was all about foundation; concrete being mixed, poured, and set into place was a process that proved mesmerizing for me. I'm forever grateful for the crew's patience as I walk up at any given moment in their workday and ask to poke my phone in the middle of things in the name of posterity. They'd have every reason to be annoyed at my intrusions, but I'm always met with patience & complete cooperation. Our General Contractor Rachel has even taken to asking "didya get what you need?" every time I walk away. Yeah, she's amazing.


The past week was all about wiring. Have you ever considered how much time & effort it takes to make sure a building has electricity & enough outlets? It's crazy to think about, especially in the case of skyscrapers, sports stadiums, theaters, etc. Although our space is much smaller than any of those places, electricity is integral to what we do. It powers our machines, our computers, our hot water boiler (which could be considered our 11th staff member) and obviously must be included in the new space. Just one of the many details that I'd normally overlook without the unique insight into this project. It certainly makes me more grateful every time I walk into my own apartment & switch on the light without a second thought.

crew member installing wiring Action shot!tools I loved the way these nails were used to hold tools.

build out plans Plans are always close by.

betsy & iya owners in new space Captured the bosses admiring progress. So cute!

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***Song of the Moment: Electric Feel by MGMT***

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