Outfit of the Day: Color Your Fall.

color your fall1

Fashion does not have to follow the trends of the seasons.  Somewhere someone says that bright popping summer color is forbidden in the darker quarters of the year.  And we believe them??  Not this gal...  All the more reason to color me up.  Fight the norm I say, FIGHT IT.

color your fall3

Or at least, make your own molds.  (And then keep breaking them.)

color your fall2

Shirt:  Pink by Nature, Maui

Scarf: Sloan Boutique, local pdx

Pants: from high school (what!??  ...not a pack rat, just a saver)

Belt: Buffalo Exchange, pdx location

Shoes: Shoefly, local pdx

Socks:  (my fave) Sock Dreams, local pdx

Earrings: (you guessed it) betsy & iya (in teal)

CM0811p2(click on the earrings to purchase...make sure to specify which color you prefer)

Brightly colored accessories can completely transform an otherwise mundane outfit.  Literally and Figuratively.  Do it.

***Song of the Moment: Weeks of Rain, by Hauschka***

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