Outfit of the Day: Bold Bright Geometry.

OOTD bold bright geometry

It's been a crazy week, you guys.  And this is only the beginning, until the new year.  My goal, though, is to refrain from neglecting the blog as I have this past week.  My other goal is to look at all that lies ahead of me and retreat from feeling dread (which is what has been happening, intermittently, this week).  Rather, I'd like to look at all of it and feel joy, excitement, and gratitude...and I'd like to share that with you here. bold geometry OOTD This became my favorite outfit of the week.  I put it on and immediately thought it was too much and needed to take it off; it looked like I was about to take flight with the bright turquoise alien brigade.   But instead, I sucked it up and went with it.  It's been a week of wanting only to throw on the first pair of jeans and slothy tees I see...  I had to remind myself that I feel better when I offer some thought to my morning dressing ritual.

bold geometry OOTD no scarf


bold geometry OOTD full on

pants: tight overalls from Noa Noa in DK

tee: royal blue undershirt from American Apparel

sweater: bright turquoise (ish) geometric sweater vest from a thrift store in NYC

scarf: local, from Sloan Boutique

shoes: Dansko zip boots from local Imelda's

necklace: brand new from betsy & iya, the Frank and Ava necklace

bold geometry OOTD looking back

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the frank and ava necklaceDon't forget, nearly every weekend in November and some of December, you can catch me at awesome craft shows, art shows, and trunk shows.  I'll be sure to announce them all here.  This weekend, come say hi at these places.

Y'all are awesome.  Hang in there and have great weekends.

I'll be back.

***Song of the Moment: Fly, by Nick Drake***

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