Five Senses Friday: hear me out.

I participated in Abby's Five Senses Friday ages ago and was reminded again through the beautiful Jena's blog.  As I'm sure you've guessed, I've been busy off my rocker lately.  That's what happens this time of year.  I hope that one holiday season I'll have it all so organized and under control that I'll be able to maintain this blog, but for now, we find that the spaces = successes.  So know that when I'm not here, it's probably a good thing. That said, reflecting on the week's most potent sense memories seems a perfect way to bring me back to my loyal readers.  You all are super.  I've missed you.

piano will

While getting ready, I heard my husband playing the piano.  I love when he gets the urge and goes and plays and plays until he's done.  It always sends chills down my body.  And I don't think he even knows this.

old turns new line, betsy & iya jewelry

Touching new (old) material and following it where it wants to go, in my Old Turns New line.  I've been making the door number necklaces for some time now, but never gave myself the opportunity to create an entire line centered around recycled material.  It was so freeing to have an excuse to focus on only one line for a week.

At Junk to Funk, I was only permitted to sell things made out of recycled material.  This entire new line melts my heart.  I can't wait to add all the new items to my online shop.  (Speaking of which, I'm going to go ahead and plant the little bug in your ears...we are mere weeks away from opening our own online shop, right here on this website.  I'll be sending out details (and discounts!!) through my email newsletter...shoot me an email if you'd like to stay informed!)

junk to funk 2

junk to funk

Seeing a good friend and studio neighbor, Jen Lamastra, put her heart and soul and hardworking hands into something and having EVERYONE witness it and hold her up into the light she deserves.  Jen took home first prize at the Junk to Funk fashion show this year.  The fashion show utilizes and makes glamorous something that Portland is famous for, "being GREEN."  As much as the phrase has become overly buzzy and trendy, I'm happy to say that it is something that Portland and its people actually put into practice.  The coolest fashion show in the world showcases real people creating REALLY COOL OUTFITS out of things other people consider trash.  The above outfit was created by Jen out of MINI-BLINDS...WHAT!?! and the wig was created out of an old trashcan and unwanted bike tire tubes.  Along with everyone else in the crowd, I was blown away.

I smelled an amazing chocolate chip scone from Sydney's coffee shop that one of my sweet assistant's brought in to me.  And I proceeded to taste its magical happy powers that got me through the design working day unscathed.

For the first time in one whole month, I've got a day off this weekend.  W and I are going to take Flat Stanley on some adventures and spend some quality time together---who knew a marraige needed that!??  I hope he'll play the piano for me this weekend.  I'll soon share my adventures with you here.

In the meantime, please make your own.

Happy Weekends!!  xoxoxo ~betsy

***Song of the Moment: Mellow Mood, by Bob Marley and the Wailers***


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