Outfit of the Day: Black is Still the new Black.

How bold to venture a black on black outfit with the sun shining so boldly in the sky! Kelly, youza risk-takah!Kapow! Kapow!! Meooooowwww. Kapow! Kapow!! Meooooowwww.kelly in black kuler I will say that one of my favorite things that's coming back in to fashion is the midi skirt. Nothing sexier right now than a skirt that hits below the knee and above the ankle. What Kelly may or may not realize what she's doing right now by choosing and all black outfit is that she's created an outfit focused primarily on silhouette (and accessories). She's subtly showing off those curves and grabbing attention in the most effortless way possible. You go girl. She just as easily captures the eyes of many with her koi smile and dazzling eyes. Sneaky girl. She just as easily captures the eyes of many with her coy smile and dazzling eyes. Sneaky girl.kelly in black_hands kelly in black_shoes


Top & Skirt from Nordstrom

Shoes by Madewell

Vintage ring gifted from the boyfriend, Gordon

Fremont cuff by betsy & iya

Girding Element necklace by betsy & iya

Aren't you jealous that I get to work with one of the sexiest ladies in the Northwest? I thought so. You can't have her. She's mine!   Kisses! Barrie ***Song of the moment: I Get Around by Dragonette***
Group 7