Item of the Week: Night Watch Ring (half-oxidized).

This weeks special betsy & iya highlight come from the new and lovely Lacey. Her choice: the Night Watch ring; half-oxidized (there are three four versions).


As I've said before, I love to seek the input of my co-workers and hear what they think of particular pieces. For example, Lacey's interpretation of the Night Watch is "atmospheric," "looming," and reminiscent of armor. It does look like a little shield doesn't it? Once Lacey said armor my mind started swimming: old, decrepit stone walls, family crests, steel armor, gallant steeds. If you watch Game Of Thrones you know what I'm talking about. Take this ring and ride off into battle! That is, the battle deciding whether or not to spend your weekend relaxing in the sun, or taking part in epic adventures with friends! Perhaps both can be achieved...   Happy Friday!   Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Bubblehouse by Medeski, Martin  & Wood***  
Group 7