Outfit of the Day: Barrie, The Glamorous.

On any given day, it is highly likely that Barrie will be sporting a fresh, clean face; she isn't into wearing makeup -- and who could blame her? She has flawless skin, dreamy almond-shaped eyes, and a smile that radiates from within. This does not, however, undermine how great of an idea it was to take photos of Barrie all glammed up, because let's face it: the girl OWNS a red lip. Betsy_And_Iya_Barrie_Outfit_Of_The_Day_Portland_Fashion - 55 Betsy_And_Iya_Barrie_Outfit_Of_The_Day_Portland_Fashion - 40 Barrie_OOTD_PORTLAND_FASHION copy With a simple black canvas in regard to her clothing, Barrie put the emphasis on her accessories & simple yet effective red lip and black cat eyeliner. The colored leather and brass statement necklace keeps the look edgy and Barrie's infinite amount of rings leaves the eye dazzled by all the bling. This look proves, yet again, that all-black is timeless, especially when you make it your own.


Silk Black Top, Thrifted

Black Skinny Jeans, Gap

Metallic Flats, Old Navy

Girding Element Necklace, betsy & iya

Thick and Thin Relic Cuff, Takara (sold at our brick & mortar)

Dalia Bangle in Mexico,  betsy & iya

Eliot Ring in Deep Blue,  betsy & iya

Brass Cully Ring,  betsy & iya

Recycled Skateboard Ring, MapleXO (sold at our brick & mortar)

Assorted Stacker Rings



***Song of the Moment: Happy by Pharrell Williams***

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