Outfit of the Day: Anna & her Banana Shoes.

betsy and iya_Anna's banana shoesbetsy and iya_Anna's yellow shoes2 Anna always seems to be creeping around corners and peeking into windows.betsy and iya_Anna's yellow shoes3 betsy and iya_Anna's yellow shoes4 betsy and iya_Anna's yellow shoes5


Dress by Old Navy

Tights from Nordstrom Rack

Shoes by Remix from Lille Trousseau

Vintage cameo & bangles

Scania cuff by betsy & iya

Knuckle ring by Seaworthy

Chain rings by H&M

Redundant Chevron ring (silver plated) by betsy & iya

  Bananalove, Barrie

***Song of the moment: What Now by Rihanna***

Group 7