Outfit of the Day: 30.

The cat is out of the bag:  I turned 30 on September 10th. and this is what I wore that day...

(dress:  Zachary's Smile, boots: Frye from Johnny Sole, long black house coat: Folly, earrings: betsy & iya)

I was terrified that I would feel terrified when the day actually came.  When the final moments ticked away and thrust me into a new decade... the truth--- I felt proud.  I felt the way one must feel when they're celebrating 30 years of business, or when the Academy Awards celebrated their 30th year, or heck, Miss America.  I felt like I'd earned it. And here in Boulder, surrounded by young college students just beginning the decade I just finished, I can't help but feel more like myself than ever before. I am Betsy.  I am 30.  And I am loving it. Thank you to everyone who sent me such generous birthday wishes.  The flowers, the gifts, the community, the love ...it goes such a long way. Happy 30 to all of you! xo~b Song of the Moment: Holiday, by Vampire Weekend***
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