The Great betsy & iya Road Trip: day 4

I can't believe it's only been four days and we're having so much fun and success.  On day 4, we really knocked a couple out of the park.  If you've been checking up on us on Facebook, you've probably already booked your airfare to Denver/Boulder.  Not only is it gorgeous, not only are the people friendly, not only is it ALL SUN, but we also met with several lovely shop owners who have decided to pick up the line. Meow Meow in Boulder: cute gift shop. Unity Boutique in Denver: hip, colorful boutique with lines like Three Dots and Tom's. Fancy Tiger in Denver: with a craft shop across the street under the same name, FT is a fashion oriented DIY boutique. We're thrilled to have the line in ALL of these shops. 


A shot that just doesn't do justice to the well-curated inside of Fancy Tiger.


We've met with old friends on this sojourn, shacking up with a professor of Betsy's in Boulder, and running into a theatre colleague of mine from my east coast days.  I couldn't have wished for better chats and more warmth, laughter, wit... jeez, this is starting to sound like a Betsy post ;-) We listened to a Radiolab podcast on the drive in and they were examining sleep: what it does, why we do it, etc.  A researcher proposed that sleep is imperative to learning.  That, through the magic of the sleeping body, synaptic connections made during the day are actually weakened, allowing the unimportant stuff to slip away and the the important to persist and grow stronger over time.  It's a powerful realization to think about this in relation to the way I feel now (happy, excited by people and places, with a sense of discovery and destiny sparkling up the day).  You start to realize the significance every day has on the physiology of your brain, and indeed, your brain's propensity to stay active, agile, optimistic, curious, social. 


Will, Betsy, and Robert Frost on the CU campus.


Wonder what my brain will look like after two more weeks of this.  Two more weeks of new places and old friends, good sleep, good food, and continued success.  I love my job. ***Song of the moment:  Open the World, by Sam Phillips***

Group 7