Let's all give Amory a round of applause for looking AWESOME today and agreeing to take some ootd pics. Thanks, Am! :)


Oh yeah, check out that Golden Gate cuff. Just delightful. Amory does such a great job of pairing the b&i pieces with her not-so-girly-girl style. The Feedback necklace and Golden Gate cuff match with the boots perfectly! Not to mention the cowl neck from that Make It Good tank frames the Feedback ever so nicely.


Check out the babe with the Toyota Tacoma!


Mmmmmmmmmm, Frye boots.... Drooool!!!amory's boots

Featured accessories:
Feedback Necklace
- Golden Gate Cuff
- Sunglasses: Oakleys

***Song of the moment: Going Up The Country, by Canned Heat***

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October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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