Chocolate Tuesday.

It gives me great pleasure to let you in on a sacred tradition at betsy & iya:


Gather round friends, it is Chocolate Tuesday!


Yes, that is right. Every Tuesday, we treat ourselves to a heart-healthy dose of chocolate (bring on the antioxidants)! Although I'm uncertain of the origins of this tasty tradition, I don't want it to stop!


This chocolate measures up!! hehehehehe.


Love at first truffle.


Did you know that chocolate contains caffeine? They sure do, now!


What is your favorite type of chocolate? Milky chocolate with almonds? Chocolate covered cherries? Meyer lemon truffles? Marionberry bon bons? Rocky road fudge? (I'll take one of each!) If you don't eat chocolate every Tuesday, here is your chance to start! We highly suggest it. Chocolate-dipped kisses, Kelly p.s. All of this week's chocolate was purchased down the block at the Food Front Co-op.  And the truffles (which were to-DIE-for) were made just down the street from us! ***Song of the Moment: Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao***

Group 7