OOTD: Mac Attack.

This OOTD started out normal enough. Alyssa, ever the professional, struck several picture perfect poses for me as we strolled down Raleigh Street during a rare dry moment in our NW Portland neighborhood last week. Here she is, all cozy and pretty in her Smurf-meets-Santa (in a good way) jacket. Then something unexpected happened; as I snapped photos, we met a new friend, Mac the dog. Mac and Alyssa got acquainted very quickly. Maybe because Mac smelled Gingham and Maurice? Or maybe because he heard Alyssa loves tiny dogs? Or.....

...because he thought the trim of her coat was MADE OUT OF DOG FUR??????!!!!!!!

And thus, Mac's mood took a defensive turn, as we see above. But fear not, Alyssa took it all with a laugh and assured Mac that she wasn't skinning his kind and making coats, but rather - in her best Cher Horowitz impression - told him that "it's faux"! Peace was immediately restored in the human/dog universe. Jah Bless.


Coat from Wanderlust

Jeans from Target

Boots from Half Pint

Shirt from H&M

Ring from Porch Light

Addition Mission earrings by betsy & iya



***Song of the Moment: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones***

Group 7