Jalisco-H YEAH.

One of my favorite parts of our Maker Monday Instagram series is seeing how our production team works together seamlessly. We've all been a part of a team at one time or another, so you know just as I do that the result of good teamwork is no accident; it's intentional, it's communicative, and it takes practice everyday. The Jalisco necklace is yet another example of a multiple maker piece. Watch how it begins with Barrie hand painting the recessed areas on each bronze bar, then those pieces are off to Alyssa for assembly.

Watching just how precise Alyssa is when stacking the "ladder" bars to create the focal of this necklace is truly amazing. Bravo ladies! You two execute this design perfectly.   Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Piano Fighter by Warren Zevon***
Group 7