New In Shop - Margaret & Beau Ceramics

New In Shop - Margaret & Beau Ceramics

Just in case our last new-in-shop blog post somehow didn't have you eagerly anticipating spring's arrival, we've got some ceramics that'll have you praying for sun and flowers. With planters perfect for your bedside table and small plates that'll have you eating outside every day, this new haul of Margaret & Beau products is just what you've been waiting for.

These products are all available online and in-store. Click through to purchase what you like, or stop by our shop any day 10-6.

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Margaret & Beau Ceramics 

Margaret & Beau Catch All Plates Speckled and Geo

Catch-all Plates in White Speckled Geo (left) and White Speckled Mountain (right) - $28 each

Margaret & Beau White Speckled Mugs in Solid and Geo

Mugs in White Speckled Geo (left) and White Speckled Solid (right) - $38 each

Margaret & Beau Hanging Planter in Small White Mountain

Hanging Planter in Small White Mountain - $35

Margaret & Beau Hanging Planters Black

Hanging Planters in Mini Black (left, $30) and Small Black (right, $35)

Margaret & Beau Hanging Planter in Low White Speckle

Hanging Planter in Low White Mountain - $35

Margaret & Beau Medium Planters Solid and Geo

Medium Planters in White Cream Geo (left) and White Cream Solid (right) - $55 each 

Margaret & Beau Medium Planter White Speckled Geo

Medium Planter in White Speckled Geo -$55

Margaret & Beau Medium Planter in White Speckled Solid

Medium Planter in White Speckled Solid - $55

Margaret & Beau We Three Tumbler

White Speckled We Three Tumbler - $30

About Margaret & Beau: Rachael Williams, founder of Margaret & Beau, named her company after her grandparents. The original Margaret and Beau met in 1955 and imparted a sense of love, adventure, exploration, and humanity upon Rachael. Her pieces are a celebration of differences coming together and the stories we tell and pass on. As Rachael says, here's to becoming more and more human, one lump of clay and one bit of story at a time.


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