New in Shop - Early Spring

New in Shop - Early Spring

It's officially time to start getting our accessories in order for spring. Despite some cloudy weather, we can tell that sunshine and flowers are just around the corner. We've got some fantastic accessories in the shop, from old and new vendors alike. Some are available online, but many are in-store only, so read on below to see where you can get your favorites!

We're open daily 10am-6pm. Call the shop if you want to purchase an item listed as in-store only over the phone! We're at 503-227-5482 ext. 5.

spring jewelry and accessories

Earrings- betsy & iya: Nilo Studs in Sterling Silver $44
Necklace- sulu-Design: $58 (one-of-a-kind, in-store only)
Top- Tienda Ho: Tank in Moonstone $52
Scarf- Bloom & Give: Tres Cotton Scarf in Rose $50
Bag- Goertzen Adventure Equipment: Leather Tote Bag $165 (more options available in-store).
Ring- betsy & iya: Ina Ring in silver $26
Bracelets- betsy & iya Canto Cuff in sterling silver $112 & Mollia Cuff in silver $44


Scarf + beach towel + picnic blanket + throw + table cover + wall hanging all in one.

Minna Grapefruit Scarf and Towel
MINNA Textiles - Handwoven in Mexico. Available in-store & online.

About MINNA:  Beautiful, traditionally made products with a contemporary edge. Established in 2013 by Sara Berks, MINNA partners with master weavers in Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay to create their goods, thus ensuring craft preservation and job creation. Products from MINNA are feel-good products in every sense of the phrase - ethically made, comfortable, and stylish.



Block printed using natural dyes and traditional methods.

Ichcha Border Scarf

Ichcha Border Scarf

kali scarf

Ichcha - Handcrafted scarves, available in-store and online.

About Ichcha: In such a fast-paced world, time-intensive handmade processes can sometimes be overlooked. Enter Ichcha: hoping to preserve the tradition of handcrafting textiles that had been passed down for generations, three women created a company that encourages the world to live consciously. Conscious of the environment, tradition, and the value and quality in handmade goods. Their beautiful products radiate this message; they are hand-printed both in New York and India and are inspired by the history that came before them.

Shop Ichcha


Colorful one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces made right here in Portland.

Sulu Design beaded necklacessulu-design, available in-store only
From left: 
Recycled glass beads, brass beads, plastic beads on antiqued brass chain - $58
Recycled glass beads, brass beads, plastic beads on antiqued brass chain - $58
Terracotta beads on antiqued brass chain -$48

Sulu Design beaded necklaces in pink

sulu-design, in-store only

All 3 necklaces: 
Recycled glass beads, brass beads, plastic beads on antiqued brass chain - $58 ea

Sulu Design faceted bead necklaces

 sulu-design, available in-store only

From left:
Copper-plated faceted beads on antiqued brass chain - $48
Raw brass faceted beads on antiqued brass chain - $48
Gold-plated faceted beads on antiqued brass chain - $48
Silver-plated faceted beads on antiqued brass chain - $48

See a similar style online from sulu-design here.


 Bags made by skilled artisans using natural materials in Chiapas, Mexico.

collectivo bag in noche

assorted collective bags available in-store only

Collectivo Mercado Bags - online & (even more styles) in-store.

About Collectivo: Collectivo was founded by Vail Fletcher, Jessica Helgerson, and Cristina Niculescu, three women with a love of travel, Mexico, and storytelling. They collect their handmade goods straight from the source, traveling to remote indigenous villages in Mexico to meet the makers and learn the age-old traditions behind every piece. Everything they sell is made lovingly by hand with local resources and is full of rich traditions and history.

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