Bazaar Online

Bazaar Online

Our third betsy & iya Bazaar has come and gone, and many of you went home with some incredible one-of-a-kind items. Couldn't make it to the event? Never fear - we've still got plenty of gorgeous items in the shop AND online! We've got fabric, baskets, and jewelry galore, each piece handcrafted and unique. Read on for peeks of what's online and what can only be found in our brick and mortar.

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Burkina Faso hand-dyed Indigo fabric - scarf, tapestry, throw

Handwoven Baoule cloth

We have an abundance of hand-dyed Indigo fabric and handwoven Baoulé fabric, perfect for a scarf or piece of home decor. (Available in-store & online)

Turquoise and silver rings

Silver rings with turquoise and coral

Turquoise and silver earrings

Shop gorgeous silver rings and earrings with turquoise and coral. (Available in-store & online)

Recycled Wide Bronze Cuff from Mali

Brass cuffs from Africa

Silver & ebony cuffs from Mali

Choose from a variety of cuffs from Africa in brass, bronze, and silver. (Available in-store & online)

Handwoven Kilim Pillows

Handwoven Kilim Pillows

Cozy up with a Kilim Pillow (or twenty), available in different patterns and colors. (Available in-store & online)

Handwoven baskets from Senegal

Handwoven Baskets

handwoven Pakistani baskets

We've got more baskets than we know what to do with! Shop baskets from Senegal, Rwanda, and Pakistan. (Baskets pictured above in-store only, many others available online)

Cow Bone Rings

Cow bone rings available in-store only

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