New In Shop - Kari Phillips Jewelry

New In Shop - Kari Phillips Jewelry

Please give a warm welcome to Kari Phillips Jewelry! This handcrafted, made-in-Portland line is seriously stunning, mixing shapes, texture, and material in unexpected ways. Preview the line here, and shop both online and in-store!


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Aves Earrings by Kari Phillips

Aves Earrings ($92): It's a classic stud combined with the flirty movement of a dangly earring. PLUS that pop of blue! Lapis has been a highly prized stone for centuries, as a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. We love it because it looks damn good.



Kallisti Earrings by Kari Phillips

Kallisti Earrings ($68): Can you even handle gorgeous hand-hammered texture on these earrings? Because we can't. We love a good sparkle, and the Kallisti earrings provide it and then some. Their shape is also to die for, making them a truly unique wear-every-day pair of earrings.




Kallisti Pearl Necklace ($140): This necklace somehow makes us feel both classy and edgy at the same time. It feels like we took our grandma's pearls to a heavy metal concert and rocked out. Wear this to Sunday brunch with the fam, or out on the dance floor on Saturday night. It looks great anywhere.



Galatea Earrings by Kari Phillips

Galatea Earrings ($110): The thought of putting these two types of pearls together in a pair of earrings is genius. The contrast of light and dark makes each pearl stand out that much more. No one else has earrings like these, so prepare for your friends asking where you got them.



Brevity Hoops by Kari Phillips

Brevity Hoops ($92): These simple earrings are easy enough to wear every day, yet unique enough to make a statement. We love how light they are, and how easy they are to pair with our clothes. 



Leda Earrings by Kari Phillips

Leda Earrings ($120): If you're not as obsessed with these earrings as we are, you soon will be. Their unusual shape and the way the pearls seem to float in space make us seriously excited. We can't wait to plan our outfits around these - that's how much we love them.



About Kari Phillips

Kari Phillips

Kari Phillips is a metalsmith and aspiring lapidary artist producing limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry. With a degree in Art History and an early career in fine art museums, her work is an explorative homage to ancient emblems and modern art movements. Handcrafted in her Portland, Oregon studio, each piece is fabricated with consideration toward revival and originality; form and material; intent and the wearer.


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