Meet Your Maker - Barrie

Meet Your Maker - Barrie

This maker has been around at betsy & iya for longer than anyone, except for Betsy and Will (and Gingham!), obviously. She's excelled at every job she's had here, and she's had a lot of jobs. Let's take a look at Barrie's timeline:

sales associate
blog content contributor
part time maker/part time sales associate
full-time maker
part time maker/part time marketing/part time wax carving expert
maker/design assistant/marketing
design assistant/marketing/production coordinator (these are her titles now!)

    What?! Yeah, Barrie's made herself absolutely indispensable to the b&i family. She really knows the ins and outs of life here and is always quick to help out on a project or answer a question. Her creativity really gets to shine in her various roles, and there's no doubt many of you have gotten a piece of jewelry that's passed through her hands or read a blog post she came up with.

    She also somehow finds time to bake delicious treats for all of us (can baker-of-the-best-rice-Krispies be put on a resume?) and has become shop-dog Maurice's best friend. Oh, and did I mention she's been a model for us on both the website and the insta? Seriously, what can't she do? Read on to learn more about betsy & iya's very own Barrie Chan!

     Barrie Chan betsy & iya

    Name: Barrie Chan

    Title: Design Assistant & Production Coordinator

    Hometown: Born just outside of Boston, MA. Moved to the Bay Area, CA when I was 10. Moved to Portland, OR when I was 20... Maybe I'll move somewhere new when I'm 30. Any suggestions?

    One day, I will go here: Japan, it has a beautiful balance between bustling city life and quiet countryside. 

    Best thing about my job: Being able to work with a team that is constantly striving to move forward and make cool s**t.

    Barrie Chan betsy & iya

    When I’m not working, I’m probably doing this: Depends on the time of year. Nice weather: biking around town, camping, hiking. Not so nice weather: yoga, binge watching TV shows with lots of popcorn, baking.

    This will always be in my playlist: Mmmmm, The Strokes. As well as a handful of classics like Etta James, Ray Charles, and The Mamas & The Papas.

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus, but I'm not stubborn.... I'm not.

    Barrie Chan betsy & iya

    I've been making jewelry since: Since 2014? I started here, at betsy & iya.

    Items of jewelry you most often make: Custom jewelry! 

    Before I was a Maker at b&i I was... Working the betsy & iya sales floor/college student.

    Describe your path to becoming a maker in an ice cream flavor & why: Boom Chocolatte(TM) Cookie Core (Mocha & Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookies, Fudge Flakes & a Chocolate Cookie Core) Because I am all over the place, constantly juggling tasks, and working in different departments. And at the core, I'm a part of something truly makes me happy.... And I love bringing baked treats to work. 

    Barrie Chan betsy & iya

    Favorite b&i Piece to Wear: My Catenary Ring necklace always gets the attention it deserves. ;) (But secretly, Will & Betsy made one-of-a-kind cuffs for all their staff a few years ago for Christmas and I think mine was the prettiest. Don't tell the others.)

    What are some of your favorite tools to work with: Wax carving tools and our microscope. I'm the lead wax carver for all custom projects/prototypes and it's a fun material to work with. Using a microscope allows me to add immense precision to my work to bring Betsy's designs to fruition.

    Barrie Chan betsy & iya custom work

    Do you listen to music while you make? If so, what are some of your fave jams? I like to listen to the pop hits from the 2000's from when I was a teen. A little bit of Ciara, little bit of JT, and obviously Queen Bey. I also like listening to Podcasts like Myths & Legends, 2 Dope Queens, and Strong Opinions Loosely Held.

    Being a maker has taught me: The power of communication and problem-solving.

    My favorite piece of jewelry to make is and why: Custom wedding/engagement rings. I feel really honored to be a part of two people's journey of love together. A ring can tell a powerful story, and when a couple is willing to let me help tell that story it makes my heart full. What can I say? #imaromantic

    Barrie Chan betsy & iya

    What's your favorite thing to do, or place to visit, in the Portland area? I think my favorite thing is trying new restaurants and going back to old favorites. Whenever I have friends/family come visit all I tell them to do is fast for a week and get ready to eat when they get here. Favorite spots include: Mee Sen Thai, P's & Q's Market, Marukin Ramen, Grassa, the list goes on.


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