Meet Your Maker: Amory.

meet your jewelry maker

Our Production Manager Amory didn't set out to make jewelry when she arrived in Portland in 2011. Thinking our beloved Stumptown would be a brief stop before leaving the city to work a wine harvest, Portland charmed Amory and she's been here ever since. I know I speak for the whole betsy & iya family when I say that I'm so happy life threw a curveball in Amory's plan and she ended up here with us!

Amory's knowledge of all things betsy & iya jewelry is definitely impressive, but what gets me every time about her is the way she efficiently communicates her expertise, a skill that makes her an excellent manager. She's clear, concise and as Forrest Gump said of his mama "she always has a way of putting things so I can understand them." Before I started working here, I had a limited understanding of jewelry making and a whole lot of passion for the end result; because of Amory – seeing her work, watching her ensure that orders are correct, hearing her give direction to her team – both of those things have shot through the roof.

Even though social media isn't her forte (I have taught her the importance of a hashtag, don't worry),  she goes out of her way to make sure I can get my job done documenting the ins & outs of maker life. There have been multiple times where we've worked together to make sure I have the exact shot or footage that I need, even if it takes more time away from her own to-do list.

Let's get to know more about the woman who keeps the show running!

Name: Amory Cervarich
Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Star Sign: Gemini
I've been making jewelry for: 3 years for betsy & iya, although I was an avid beader and hemp braider back in the day...
Portland jewelry maker Behold Amory's "soldering chain face"
Before I was a Maker at b&i I was: A bartending, snowboard instructing, wine cellar hand.
Describe your path to becoming a maker in an ice cream flavor & why: A Rhone-Stumptown Blend: dark chocolate base with a touch of espresso and Rhone varietal notes, garnished with caramelized quinoa-encrusted kale ribbons. When I first moved to Portland, I thought I'd be stopping by for a few months before working a wine harvest in the Williamette.  Winemaking has been replaced by jewelry making, and I'm loving Portland!
Favorite b&i Piece to Make: The Sonora Ring.  I love the meticulous precision this piece demands. (check out a video of Amory making Sonora Rings on our Instagram page as part of our #makerMonday series!)
silver banded ring with vertical cast bronze bars
Favorite b&i Piece to Wear: toss up between the Cathedral Park necklace and the Brooklyn Bridge cuff.
Items of jewelry you make most often: Bridge Cuffs and rings.  Anything that requires fire and Thor, my fave hammer. (which leads us nicely to our next question...)
What is your favorite tool to work with: Thor.  This hammer slays it: two different heads for two different purposes. We get along well.
Amory in action: excitement over the new coffee maker, gazing longingly at a fresh oxygen tank, humoring the group by letting them help her haul wood when she could really lift it all herself.
Do you listen to music while you make? If so, what are some of your fave jams?  My current jam is podcast material.  Right now I'm loving All Songs Considered, and eagerly awaiting more RadioLab episodes.
Being a maker has taught me: to let go of the OCD, just a little bit.
But goshdarnit, may you never, ever let go of your willingness to jump around in a bright outfit for the sake of a GIF. #neverchange Keep doing what you do, Am! Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit***
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