Closet Collision: Trail BLAZERs.

ways to wear a blazer to work The key to being successful at work: LOOK THIS GOOD.

WORK STYLE: I've documented our trademark Closet Collisions on the blog before, and as they continued to happen spontaneously, we decided to stage an epic – and I don't throw that word around – all staff dress alike day. These occasions certainly predate my time at betsy & iya (hello, Hot Fridays & Hot Fridays 2.0!), but I am glad to be bringing them BACK. For our first venture, we decided to show off ways to dress for work while still looking cool, AKA nailing "business casual" like it's our job, AT our job. The best part? You don't have to invest in a whole new wardrobe; the only thing needed to take most outfits from weekend to weekday is a trusty blazer-type jacket. Even though we are lucky to work in a pretty causal environment as far as dress codes go, every once in a while it's nice to up the snazz factor. ways to wear a blazer at work What betsy & iya photo shoot would be complete without an outtake? (answer: not one. Ever.) And might I just close this post waxing poetic about how darn attractive of a staff Betsy & Will have put together? Look at those mugs! Any thoughts about what we should wear for our next planned closet collision? Cheers, Anna

***Song of the Moment: Mistaken for Strangers by The National***

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