Maker Monday: Cathedral Park Hoops.

Cathedral Park Hoop earrings: Inspired by Cathedral Park in the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, these lightweight brass earrings are a visual delight from all angles. Amory is the maker-in-chief in this video, and these hoops give her a workout by taking her all over the studio, from her workbench, to the soldering station, to the polishing cabinet, & back again. Watch her begin by annealing the brass to make it easier to hammer into a concave shape, which she does with the help of a wood dapping block. She removes any sharp edges with the polishing cabinet, then solders the sterling silver ear posts. The grooves on the front of the earring are oxidized to make them dark & the flex shaft removes the excess oxidation. They take a final trip in the tumbler to add a matte finish, then they’re dried off & ready!
Group 7