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Now through December 20th: Stop by our shop and make your Wish List of items from our brick & mortar. Set your loved ones up for success this holiday and get exactly what you want in the process. We'll help you make a Wish List of your most coveted items at betsy & iya and when you're done, we'll notify persons of interest (ahem, distant cousin who always gets you ugly socks) via email or send you off with a notecard you can give to him/her letting them know your list is at our shop. It's that simple!

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They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. When it comes to gift-giving, we couldn't agree more. Simplify the process for satisfaction guaranteed! See you soon (we'll be the ones with the pens & clipboards following you around the shop).

betsy & iya earrings Need inspiration? These babies are waiting to hop on your list!

betsy & iya jewelry I'd like one table full of Voyage Collection pieces, please & thank you. Let the holiday joy begin! Anna

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