A Makers' Perspective.

Between a retail shop, back stock & shipping station, production studio, and office space, there's a lot of action going on at betsy & iya HQ every day. Part of my job is to document as much as possible, and even though I love poking my nose (and camera) into all parts of #betsyandiyalife, I am but one woman. Since we expanded, there's even more ground to cover so earlier this year, Will had the brilliant idea to set up an iPhone photo stream for all of us to start contributing to as a way to share moments that are happening around the shop. It's helpful to me and my job, while also giving everyone a fun glimpse into each other's work days. Here's a few recent snaps directly from the makers!

betsy & iya handcrafted jewelry Focal pieces for True South & Southern Lights necklaces.

betsy & iya handcrafted jewelry Clasps galore

betsy & iya handcrafted jewelry Jalisco necklace prep

betsy & iya handcrafted jewelry Plier pile up!

We'll continue to share these insider photos on our Instagram @betsyandiya!



***Song of the Moment: Don't Swallow the Cap by The National***


Group 7