Looking for a cool job in Portland?

Scary bosses. On Sunday we posted a new job listing on craigslist. I knew it was going to be hard work finding the perfect candidate. I know it will be a challenge to train them. I know all of it will take time. What I didn't know was how moved I would be by the cover letters and resumes. I am so inspired by these people---I wish we could hire them all! Full disclosure: We even teared up at a few of the introduction letters. Whaaaaaat!? Who wants to work for THESE FOOLS!? I've said it before and I'll say it again. Portland is a city after my own heart; it's magic. I am blown away by its offerings and the people who make it what it is. I am inspired by our future employee (slash: ninth team member). The potential, the growth is tangible like a flower with a new bud. xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Wrong Opinion, by Chairlift***
Group 7