Item of the Week: A One of a Kind Opal Necklace.

I die. Look at how awkward/happy I look! Obviously, I'm overwhelmed with excitement about this necklace that has been fashioned at the b & i headquarters. Oh, and did I mention it's a one of a kind?   one of a kind opal necklace by betsy & iya   Oh yeah. The opal, those groovy beads, the chains, the brass tube accents... I. Die. There's something so soothing about this piece. It seems strange, but those snake beads must be putting me in a trance.  *Cue the pungi flute.* I love how the multiple chains work their way into the beads that lead to the stunning sea-foam colored Peruvian opal. And I absolutely LOVE how the dendritic fern embedded into the opal makes it look like black food coloring dropped into a glass of water. Hypnotic.

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It's strong, but modest. Something you could wear alone as a statement or layered with other pieces. Personally, the outfit below is what I'm feeling. A relaxing top with funky printed trousers, a sah-weeeet headband turban and leather clutch, and obvious betsy & iya confidants. Look at you getting all those head turns as you walk down the street. Eat your heart out. ;)

And remember, this is the only one in existence, ever! So if you want to be the lucky one to own this glorious masterpiece I will begrudgingly give it up for you. Just give us a call and we'll ship it off to you! Or, if you're in the area come on by the shop and try it on. I know it will look amazing on you!!

Hypnoticlove, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: The Crystal Ship by The Doors ***
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