Jumpsuit Joy.

To say we were all excited when this 100% cotton jumpsuit by Curator arrived in-store is an understatement. More accurately, we squealed like school children on the last day of class. It's simply everything you want out of a one-piece number: lightweight, yet sturdy enough so that it's not see-through, flattering on the waist and booty, and versatile enough to wear with sandals or sneaks. cotton jumpsuit

Jumpsuit by Curator, $194. Available in dusty green or black, 100% cotton, made in San Francisco.

Tess and Anna S. are my models because they have two different body types and styles and yet, both are rocking the bajeeeezus out of this jumpsuit.

cotton jumpsuit

When you sizing up your frenemy, trying to figure out if she out-swags you (note the disarming smiles).

betsy & iya jewelry

Detail shot, because jewelry. All b&i, all the time. 

By now, y'all know how we feel about this jumpsuit, but most importantly we want YOU to try it on and fall in love with it. We've overheard "I could never pull that off" in the shop when people see this on the racks, and even if that is your first thought, please give it a try. Fashion is the most fun when you take risks, and this is a super safe piece to start with.

This concludes my jumpsuit pitch. Hope to see you in-store soon! If you're outside of Portland and have questions about fit, or to purchase, give us a call at 503-227-5482, ext. 201.

xo Anna

Group 7