It's Getting Spooky Up in Here!

Happy Halloween, y'all! If you've felt uninspired, procrastinated, or altogether forgotten to get a Halloween costume, have no fear! Daphne came up with the perfect costume that is brilliant, comfortable, hilarious, and can be worn after all of this madness is over! I present to you Daphne, The Galaxy! Get it? She is donning Make It Good's cosmic print shirt & leggings, accompanied by a one-of-a-kind SULU necklace. Could this outfit get any better? Why, yes, actually it can.... because it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Yes, you read that right! I was even able to take photographic evidence for you all to examine: Crazy fun, right? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Tell me about your costumes in the comments, below! Well, I'm off to eat some candy, as Halloween is my silly excuse to do so! To infinity and beyond, Kelly
Group 7