Item of the Week: Grazing Gilt Necklace

What is uuuup?!? Happy Tuesday to all of you! It's raining here (big surprise), so this week Kelly and I decided to show off a little sparkle from one of our favorite pieces, the Grazing Gilt Necklace:

In my mind this piece reads as one of our more prominent "stand out" pieces. When you wear it you are working it and nothing less! Its minimal design and strong lines are meant to be shown off and work as the focal piece of an outfit:

Not gonna lie, I wore a very similar outfit like this over the weekend while sporting the Grazing Gilt and felt like a real power-house! A simple black top creates a perfect blank canvas for the piece to POP, and showing it off with other small bursts of metallic and shine will make you sparkle like a stylish little star in this rainy weather.

Featured Pieces:

-Pieced Dolman T by Gap

-Genetic Denim Cigarett Jeans at House of Lolo

-Kate Spade Envelope Clutch at Nordstrom

-Dries Van Noten Sandal at Halo Shoes

-Grazing Gilt Necklace by betsy & iya

-Mirage Studs by betsy & iya

Here's a little eye candy for what comes to mind when I wear/see/love/die-over the Grazing Gilt:

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Mmm, tasty. :)

Hope this brings more light to your week! Remember that you are beautiful and life is uneven sometimes (much like the Grazing Gilt).

'Til next time!

-Bar (sounds like "bear" not "bar")

***Song of the moment: Over It Over Again by She & Him***

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