Item of the Week: V Drip Earrings

Today's item of the week was chosen by the one and only Alyssa, and bless her heart for picking one of our more elegant pieces: the V Drip earrings. Three words that describe these earrings: Alyssa: Elegant, bold, and sensual Correct! Thanks for picking these this week, Alyssa. These earrings provide the same boldness & elegance that long pearl necklaces did for flappers in the 1920's, eyeliner for the ancient Egyptians, or corgis for the Queen. Live it, love it, work it!  I would also like to take a moment and clear up any apprehension about these dripping beauties. Sometimes people don't like wearing the V Drips because they're "too long" and rest on your collarbone, but don't be afraid, I think that's what makes them so lovely! Think of it this way: Alyssa, why do you love these!? Alyssa: They are like stars falling on your shoulders. They are like delicate kisses on your collarbone. They make you want to swing on chandeliers and drink champagne just because it makes you feel festive. Couldn't have said it any better myself, sweet lady.

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What would you wear them with? Alyssa: The outfit below. Or nothing at all. This is my perfect outfit for the V Drips. A perfect fitting architectural black pencil skirt and incredibly sexy high high heels with an effortlessly slouchy lightweight top. So minimal but such an impact! Add a cuff and an oversize envelope clutch and go dominate your world! Thanks Alyssa! This is what I was able to come up with:

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V Drip Earrings by betsy & iya

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Simple Sterling Silver Rings by betsy & iya

I'm overcome with pride to know that I work with such a talented and diverse designer who's designs stretch the gamut from fun, to edgy, to classy, to casual, to power piece, to simple, to amazing-beautiful-gorgeous (ahem, all of them)!!

Hope you're all looking forward to the next IOTW, I always do. :)



***Song of the moment: You Really Got A Hold On Me by She & Him***

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