Color of the Year: Emerald.

I bet somewhere in the world a few years ago a few friends were hiking in a lush green forest. Emerald green to be exact. As the friends sat on some mossy rocks soaking in their surroundings one of the trend-setting hikers grinned slightly and said, "Emerald. It's gonna be a thing." Well, trend-setting hiker, you were right. Does everyone know Pantone? They're only one of the leading color trend forecasting in the world and every year they declare a color of the year (which they choose years in advance), and this year of 2013 they have chosen the brillant emerald green. Being a May baby whenever I heard the word "emerald" I immediately thought of my birthstone, but now I'm being opened up to a whole new world of charming and beautiful! Observe:

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What I find most interesting about how colors "trend" is how they're found and determined. Did the Pantone professionals go scuba diving in the ocean one day and see that adorable little emerald crab and think "Eureka! 2013!" I'd like to think that's how it happens.  It's wonderful how inspiration finds us. I asked Kelly what she thought about the newest addition to 2013's fashions and she is quite pleased with Pantone's choices. Tell me if & why you love this reborn emerald? Kelly: UMMM, YES! First off, emerald happens to compliment some of my other favorite colors: Navy Blue, Grey & Black (a pop of red thrown in for good measure), so naturally, it is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It is a jewel tone too -- which means it is versatile & bold. What does it remind you of? Kelly: It brings up images of Ireland in my head. Weird, right? Why you ask? No idea but think about it this way: Redheads wearing emerald?! Breathtaking. Wearing emerald on a rolling hill of greenery? Lush. Traipsing a cobblestone street in an old Irish village in a pair of cuffed emerald pants? Chic. What do you love seeing it in? Kelly: I think it should be right next to your lovely face because it looks amazing on such a wide variety of people, so I'd recommend wearing an emerald top or dress. If you're more into neutrals, a pop of emerald in a bag is nice. Personally, I have a pair of emerald cropped pants that I pair with my trusty chambray shirt. It makes me feel so put together & daring. So I'd say pick a go-to that works for you and try a sexy emerald version! WHY NOT, AM I RIGHT?!! What do you want to own covered in emerald? Kelly: I would love an emerald purse or an emerald blazer to wear with a little black top. I would wear it head to toe if the the situation was right, with a red lip and my hair pulled back like her: How do you all feel about this green? Is it your new fav, or will you stick to Portland pine green or classic army green? Can you be further persuaded with Pantone's delightful description of Emerald as: "Lively. Radiant. Lush... A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Wow. Didn't know a color could sound so dynamic! Hope your days are filled with (emerald) green things! (But not the envious kind...) Green, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Bein' Green by Kermit The Frog***
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