Item of the Week: Brooklyn Bridge Cuff.

Oh man, it has been a while! Sorry about the mini hiatus, there have been so many things going on this summer! But it's okay, we're coming back with a bang and this week's item is *drum roll please* the Brooklyn Bridge cuff bracelet!!!! *Bells & whistles, bells & whistles!*

Brooklyn Bridge

This stand-out piece speaks for itself. Those two iconic arches sit side-by-side with the symmetrical cables jutting out next to them. While on this powerful bridge, you find yourself surrounded in a whirlwind of people moving as quickly as possible by foot, bike, and car. Once you get a hold of a map-- which hardly looks like a map at all, more like hundreds of tiny rectangles stacked on top of each other, with a few diagonals making their way through the clutter-- you find your way underground, into the subway. There's the faintest smell of stale air from old tile and damp cement and you hear the clicking of shoes on the floor along with the whooshing sound of the trains. Once you're on the train, the sensation of stop & go & stop & go makes you realize that you're getting hungry; all you really want is a hot dog from a street cart. Once you rise to the surface from being underground, you're surrounded by giant skyscrapers, taxis, and busy humans with things to do, people to see, and places to go.

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To me, this cuff holds such strength and balances femininity & masculinity perfectly. When I sport this cuff I want to be wearing something comfortable and casual, but still cool and powerful. Try some boyfriend jeans and go one step further with your boyfriend's actual tank (yes, the top below is technically a men's top but hey, who needs to know?). Like I said, balance it out with some sassy wedges, pretty sunglasses, a cool infinity scarf, and bring in the casual-lux with a black leather knapsack. Top it all off with a simple necklace, studs, and a little bit of Brooklyn. Boom! You are now ready for a summer day in New York (don't mind the humidity).

Brooklyn Bridge cuff_style board


Theory tank by Brady Lange

501 Boyfriend jeans by Levi's

Photographic Tree Branch infinity scarf by Tuesday Scarves

Wendy Nichol Braided knapsack at Frances May

Top Cat shades at Nasty Gal

Fiel Aiken wedges at Halo Shoes

Definition studs by betsy & iya

Divisionary necklace by betsy & iya

Brooklyn Bridge cuff bracelet by betsy & iya

  I hope I've painted the picture well enough for you all, so that when you're time in NY comes, you can handle the subway system with no troubles at all! And if you're from New York I hope we did you justice. Stay cool in the summer heat everyone and don't forget your sunscreen! Brooklynlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: NYC by Interpol***
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