Instagram Roundup: Eat, Drink, Wear betsy & iya.

Over the past few weeks, I noticed a theme in the pictures of us tagged by our followers: food &/or drink + hands + jewelry. Any scroll through Instagram proves that people love to share pictures of what they're imbibing, and while some "food porn" pictures make me lose my appetite, the introduction of jewelry into the picture - literally - changes the game completely! Thus, I decided to pay homage with our very first themed Instagram Roundup: a very special food & drink edition of the images that make us double tap with delight:

Insta Round Up May '14 Top row, L to R: @heavenmcarthur: Heaven is an awesome Instagram follower and I love "talking" to her because she's so responsive. From the looks of her feed, I just like the way she lives her life: honest, creative, and always on some sort of adventure. She also happens to be a huge betsy & iya fan and I frequently catch glimpses of her Fremont Cuff in her posts. This image is her attempt to "eat like an adult" and from someone who often counts cereal as her dinner, I think she's doing a darn good job.

@katiedel23: Katie came to our #betsyandiyabuildout party and shared this image of two Voyage collection necklaces, the Sabin (L, in Scandinavia) & the Gotland (R, in Mexico), with her drink and titled it "Mojitos and Metals." Which led me to comment "two of my favorite things!" Truth. Hope you had a great time at the party, Katie! @maplexo: Portland's own Maple XO is a line of jewelry, home goods, and accessories made from the wood of recycled skateboards. Super cool, right?! We sell a few of their products in our shop and were so happy that Lindsay & Sam, the fab ladies behind the brand, could make it to our party. Their presence was gift enough, but leave it to these two to go above and beyond by surprising us - via Instagram, no less! - with this custom bottle opener. How did y'all know we'd be needing a few bevs when the party was over? Thank you so much for all the love! Bottom row, L to R: @marsbarelizabeth: Maren is another one of our followers who I've gotten to know through her stylish outfit posts, often featuring a betsy & iya piece or two. She shared this photo of her Redundant Chevron adorned hand next to a seriously gorgeous cocktail creation. Creep on her feed if you're ever in need of some #ootd inspiration or if you feel the urge to chop off all your hair (she has the most enviable pixie cut!). @366daysofkicks: True to her handle, Amy Jo shares a lot of pictures of shoes. Among the sea of kicks are also pictures of her friends, her trips, and this snap of our Cully ring sharing her hand with a very orderly group of gummy bears. I love the playful spirit of this photo and the fact that we share a love of sweet treats. @biscmisc: Kelli and I recently had a breakfast twinning (bwinning?) moment that made my day. After I'd posted Alyssa holding strawberries Mama Cervarich bought us before leaving town, Kelli commented that she'd just posted a similar gram and declared that "strawberries + betsy & iya= breakfast of champions." I checked out her feed and saw that she shared this picture of her & her Scania Cuff enjoying the exact same morning meal. Magical! I seriously love the way Instagram makes me feel so connected to our betsy & iya peeps. I call our followers our "Gram Fam" for a reason, and it's because I truly feel connected to them. I hope you enjoyed the theme of this roundup, and who knows, maybe I'll start to notice other ones, too. Our jewelry and animals? Our jewelry and art? Our jewelry and.... TRAVEL?? That last one might be too good to ignore. Put that in your summer travel planning minds and let it sink in. Until next time, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Perfect by The Smashing Pumpkins***  
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