Instagram Roundup.

Our unfiltered opinion on the images that make us double tap with delight:

inspiring Instagram pictures

1. @shonalepis I've featured photos of gifts from partners before in our Insta Roundups, and I'm never going to stop! I love it when someone comes into the shop or visits us online in search of something for his/her sweet thang. Shona's husband tucked a betsy & iya treat into a beautiful bouquet to celebrate the couple's five year wedding anniversary. He chose the St Johns Bridge cuff for her because they can see it from their new house (didn't think it could get cuter, did you?). 2. @voguethailand I've found that the grand tradition of foreign fashion publications being better than their American counterparts is also true on Instagram. I want to be friends with the style-obsessed person(s) who runs the feed of Thailand's version of Vogue. I chose this particular Roberto Cavalli choker "thing" because my birthday is this week and I thought you might need some gift inspiration. 3. @kathrynbudig  All bow in downward dog reverence to yoga teacher, author, and all-around inspiring lady, Kathryn Budig, who shared a photo of her teaching a class in Dallas wearing our Conata Hoop earrings (thank you so much for tagging us, Kathryn!). I love this as a perfect reminder of all the amazing places our jewelry goes once it leaves us. #namaste 4. @mimileather Within a few days of hitting the shop floor, the brass bracelets Betsy picked up on her buying trip in Tucson (the piece in the middle) were already grammed by a customer! Definitely made my day to see this arm party, also featuring our Uppland bracelet. And the top leather bracelet? Made by the wearer herself! 5. @thepennyrose The ladies behind this Santa Cruz fashion blog are some of my favorite Instagram followers: their taste is on point (Example A), they comment frequently, and they're fans of our beloved stockists Stripe (Santa Cruz) and Legion (San Fran). They featured our Alameda hoops in a recent "4 Favorite Finds" post on their blog & singled them out in this solo Instagram. Thanks for all the love, Penny Rose! 6. @spinnerettepdx "I spy with my little eye... adorable shop dawg." Couldn't have said it better myself. Can you spot Gingham in her usual perch?  I'm happy that others notice the little, sometimes overlooked, things that make our shop so special. Needless to say, we love getting shout outs on Instagram. Tag us in your best betsy & iya moments and we'll be sure to tell you how much it made our day (usually in the form of emoji...). Go forth & filter, Anna ***Song of the Moment: A.M. 180 by Grandaddy***
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