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It's gotten a little chilly in our neck of the woods; 20 degree weather with a few inches of snow to enjoy! I know it's not as bad as some other places across the country (hang in there Midwest & New England!) but I'm sure we're all sharing the same thought where you wish you could be inside enjoying some hot cocoa bundled up in a blanket by the fireside, and catching up on your favorite shows--that, or sledding, but you get the point. Here are some products you can find here in Portland that can cozy up any home to help you get through the snow flurries & rain storms.    


1. Porcelain Babushka Tealight Holders from Noun- How cute are these little darlings lookin' all toasty?

2. Winter Hug Notecard by Laura George- This card is totally frameable and the perfect accent to make your home a little more snuggly and welcoming.

3. Wool Throws from Beam & Anchor- What better way to stay warm than with some gorgeous wool throws?

4. Winter// Community Supported Herbalism Share from Portland Apothecary-  This is medicinal kit to keep you in tip-top shape for the winter season! It includes remedies like Chai tea, throat spray, soap, bitters, bath soak, and more!

5. Rose Felt Basket from Alder + Co- You can use this basket for whatever you like! It's perfect for all your blankets, logs for the fireplace, or all that yarn you plan on using to knit or crochet that perfect Fair Isle sweater you've been wanting.

6. The Camp Mat by Gray Paw- The pups gotta be comfy too! Frame your dog in this chic patterned wool dog bed.

7. Neo Bowls from Woonwinkle- Warm up your home with cozy looking bowls like these hand-crocheted neoprene dishes. But this little lantern by Pigeon Toe Ceramics sold at Red Sail might be my favorite.   Like so many others out there, I'm a sucker for mason jars.  Stay warm, my friends. Wear layers, eat soup, and snuggle up! Cozyhugs, Barrie

***Song of the moment: Windy by The Association***

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