Happy Holidays 2013!

Dearest Blog Family, There’s a lot to be thankful for this time of year: cozy knits, hot beverages, seasonal brews, sequins. Ahead of all those fabulous things are the relationships we forge in life that allow us to do what we love and help others live a more abundant life. For us, this means working with independent designers, friendly vendors, and of course, serving up the highest quality customer service to all who shop with us. We are grateful for your support all year long, but it hits especially close to our beating chest organs this time of year.

photo-23 The crew cheesin' at our holiday staff dinner.

This year, we enjoyed a holiday staff dinner courtesy of the culinary geniuses at Tasty n' Sons. It was so great to get a chance to enjoy each other's company outside of work and before we go our separate ways for the holidays.

photo-31 Our 2013 holiday card sent to stockists & vendors (+ Lacey's awesome Winter White mani)

A highlight for me was when Betsy & Will took time to go around the table and say words about each one of us and how we've contributed to the business. Not only was it one big feel good moment, but it was also quite educational! I learned the following: Alyssa & Betsy met nearly 7 years ago as coworkers (making jewelry, natch), the first holiday season at the brick & mortar in 2011, Matty did all of the buying (& has since had just about every role in the company), and that Will & Amory are related! Ok kidding, I knew that already, but ICYMI, now you know.

To learning more about each other, loving what we do, and giving the octopus dish a chance (newsflash: it's amazeballs... amaze-tenticals?... I digress..)-  CHEERS (currently cheer-sing with tea, but it's champagne in my heart)!

The blog is taking a holiday break until the New Year. We'll return in 2014 with all of your favorite post categories, plus some new ideas. Thank you so much for reading; I am so grateful to have this outlet to share more about betsy & iya life!

Signing off before I start crying tears of joyous gratitude,

xo Anna

***Song of the Moment: River by Joni Mitchell*** (which always makes me cry, so yeah, bring on the tears!)

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