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We get it; you do your best work under pressure. Not that you need help with your preferred method of holiday shopping, but if you desire some ideas and you're in Portland, we have plenty in the shop. We're open 10am-7pm everyday, closed Christmas day, then back at it 10am-7pm the 26th-31st. photo-25

  • "100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces" $14.95 - Round out this gift with a note saying you'll treat the recipient to his/her choice  Portland eatery from this comprehensive roundup
  • Repair healing balm by Herbivore Botanicals $19 - great for the relief of dry skin, cracked cuticles, eczema, & more
  • Historical Photos $28 - Nostalgia never looked so good thanks to these black & white prints (circa pre-Instagram)
  • Tabletop Terrarium $22 - Bring life into the space of a coworker or friend


Rings: One of the best things about many of our rings is that a) they're adjustable eliminating the hassle of finding a sneaky way to figure out someone's ring size (that only ever works out in the movies, anyway) and b) they come in a variety of colors and metals meaning that there's something for the brass and silver lovers. Even better? Most styles are under $30!


Necklaces: Shopping for someone who prefers neck bling? Our necklaces come in a variety of lengths. Depending on the cut and style of an outfit, a necklace that highlights the collar bone or one thatpeeks out from a cozy scarf can be the perfect compliment to an ensemble. Check out our selection of necklaces for a wide variety - plus some that are adjustable!


Gift CertificatesGo ahead, read her mind! Our gift certificates are available in any amount your heart desires and they never expire. These can still be purchased online, and delivered to your inbox for gifting. Hope theses ideas provide some inspiration as you set out to shop this weekend! When in doubt, stop by the shop and we'll be happy to give you even more options. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: I'll be Home for Christmas by The Beach Boys***
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