Happy Birthday Betsy!

Another year has passed since our stupendous Betsy's birthday and today we will celebrate the birth of one of the most inspiring women I know.


betsy and iya_birthday betsy Betsy, here's a little love from the b & i crew to you: "To the best-est SNL (sister-in-law), I am so happy you married my bro and are part of the fam! The awesomeness factor has increased exponentially. Happy happy birthday birthday birthday!" Love, Amory "Betsy! Happy Birthday! So glad you are in my life as Boss Lady and friend. You inspire me." - Matty betsy and iya_betsy "Sweet Betsy, thank you for your friendship over the past nearly six years! I also want to thank you for never telling me to stop sorta stalking you until I got this job, and for always being down to join in when it's time for an awkward dance break.  You are a tremendous woman and a total inspiration for how to live with passion, grace, and playfulness." - Alyssa "Betsy! Happy birthday, lovely lady. You are making each year count, which is so inpsiring to be around. Cheers to the next one." - Kelly Betsy_And_Iya_Portland_Fashion1 "Betsy, I can't believe that one woman can be so incredibly funny, smart, creative, strong, and beautiful. I honestly didn't think it was possible until I met you! After having known you for almost two years know I can see that you get better and better every day. Happy birthday!" Love, Barrie "Happy birthday boss lady! I love your adventurer spirit and I can't wait to see what a new year will bring." -Lacey betsy_and_iya_portland_fashion "HBD= Happy Betsy Day!!!! Working for b&i is like you giving ME a gift every darn day. I am so happy you are living your dream and bringing so many friends, admirers, fans & employees (!) along for the ride. I hope you have a mahhh-velous birthday. You are loved" xoxo, Anna. #betsysbirthday #partylife #bestbossever betsy and iya betsy "Dearest Betsy, you suuuuure are OLD today.  Old, old, oldie old!  I KID!  Lover, I kid!  It's no secret that you're a dynamo.  You are an inspiration to me.  Your ideas, energy, vision, love, laughter, voices, dances make coming to work everyday easy... more than easy.  It makes me feel lucky.  And thankful.  And then lucky all over again that I'm able to spend everyday building something awesome with you.  Happy Birthday, Love." -Will "HI MOM!  HI! HI! HI!  OH MOM!  HI!!! Where's my ball, mom?  HERE IT ISSSSS!!!! LOOOK!!!! MY BALL! Wow, your face tastes good, mom!  Hey, where's my ball?  Hey, are we going to the park soon?  Happy Birt... CAN I HAVE A CARROT?  HERE'S MY BALL!!!!!!  I FOUND IT!!!!  Oh, Mom!  Guess what!?  Happy Birthday!  DAD said we... *lick lick pant pant pant spin lick pant*  BALLLLL!!!!!" Love, Gingham & Maurice betsy and iya_ betsy Happy birthday, Betsy. You are loved.   Betsybirthdaylove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Hahahaohhoho by Yellow Ostrich***
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