Fan Favorite: Saxon Trobaugh!!

Sweet, sweet Saxon. Look how cute she is!


Saxon is our fan favorite of the week, everyone! Hooray!!!!! Now when I say fan, I mean like, fancy-Dyson-no-blades-and-somehow-air-comes-out-of-a-thin-air-but-still-super-powerful-fan fan. She comes into the shop almost once a week and always manages to find something new. Oh, and obviously she rocks each and every piece she owns. Observe with pictures below and amusing interview questions to learn a little bit more about why we love this girl and why she loves us! She so pretty.


Occupation: Student.
Favorite coffee or tea drink: Americano with a little bit of cinnamon.
3 words to describe your style: Comfy, monochromatic, and overly-accessorized. Precious!


Guilty pleasure: Painting my nails instead of doing homework Talk about a FANtastic guilty pleasure! She's a nail guru!


Pad thai or tacos: Sushi!
Favorite part(s) of Portland: Forest Park. Especially in the fall.
Favorite album to rock out to: Aha Shake Heartbreak by Kings of Leon. When did you discover the b&i brand? About a year ago. My dear friend Barrie Chan introduced me to it >>(Oh.. did I mention I go to school with Saxon? O:) must have slipped my mind. But she's still a super-fan nonetheless!)
Why do you LOVE it? Because Betsy and her team are jewelry geniuses!
What do you love about it? Everything is so beautifully made yet simple. I can wear the pieces with anything!
What's your favorite piece/why? The Catenary Ring Necklace. First of all, the leather cord is my absolute favorite color so immediately I had to have it. But the rings and brass details are so unique. And Betsy modeled the crap out of it at their anniversary party. How many b&i piece do you count??


What she dons: -The Kacie Ring -The Southern Lights Necklace -The Fremont Cuff -One of our Leather Bangles -Raccoon Ring from ERS Creative available in shop! Thanks for loving us Saxon, we love you right back. And thanks for looking so amazing all the time! You. ROCK! So, the only questions now is: Who wants to be our next fan favorite?!?! Comment below and tell us why! Can't wait to pick a new favorite! 'Til next week, friends. Favoritehearts, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Milk by Kings of Leon***

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