Daphne's Indian Summer

Remember how we swooned over layering for Fall? Well forget about that because apparently summer is here to stay. It is already mid October (what!? yeah, you read that right) and we haven't had a drop of rain. As I'm over here begging for sweaters and wool socks, Daphne is celebrating in her cute cotton dress. She cannot get enough of this insanely pleasant weather. I guess if I had the UZI feather dress, I would feel the same way Daphne feels. It is the ultimate "throw on and look amazing" dress. I guess before you know it the rain will come. So for now, wear your sundress, like Daphne is, and sip on iced tea! What she’s wearing: Dress: Cream Feathers Dress by Uzi Belt: Sarah Bibb Necklace: SULU Brass and Chrysoprase Necklace : Glowing Isis Necklace by betsy & iya If Daphne had a head (and fingers) she would wear…
Super chic. Just add your hair in a high bun. Pyramid earrings + the Glowing Isis necklace.. do you see what I did there?! I'm an Egyptian maniac, y'all.The sexiest hoop earrings in all the land.
Happy Tuesday from your favorite Kelly!
***Song of the Moment: Terrible Angels by CocoRosie***
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