Expansion Update: Full Speed Ahead.

It's getting to the point in the construction process when everything is moving so quickly. Granted, this is ideal and what is supposed to happen as the project gets closer to being finished (bravo Rachael & co!), but it is just so cool to witness. For a few weeks at the beginning of construction, things moved at a slower pace as bigger tasks like wiring and concrete pouring were completed over many days. Now, everyday brings something new! betsy & iya brick & mortar Can't wait to reveal what's been going on behind that plastic curtain!


Since my last update, we officially celebrated the sixth birthday of betsy & iya and are nearing the end of phase one of construction. The sign we've officially entered phase two will come when the crew knocks through the wall that currently stands between our current shop and all work that's been done in the new space, uniting the past and the future of betsy & iya. *fist pump*

betsy & iya buildout progress

Left: Sealant for the beautiful exposed wood wall was applied on the first day of Spring 2014. I celebrated with a #fromwhereIstand Instagram and by wearing leggings instead of full tights (it's the little joys). Middle: Rachael hand applying aforementioned sealant. She calls me over for daily updates and I can't eve begin to say how grateful I am for her active role in the documentation of construction. Right: Just because we aren't moved in doesn't mean the new space isn't being used, especially on days it's crowded and there's painting to be done (holy fumes). Here's Betsy hard at work painting Voyage collection pieces while Will defends his "Huzzy of the Year" title by dutifully supplying her with coffee (shoutout to our NY peeps!).

betsy & iya buildout progress

Left: It was a true team effort when the wood for our countertops arrived! Matt & Amory jumped in to help unload the truck. Full disclosure: The main reason for posting this photo is to show Amory's impressive arm muscles. Middle: I never thought I'd gush over sheets of lumber, but daaang!!! They're so smooth and sturdy, and they have that "straight from the forest" smell. Right: Will checking out the delivery & giving an approving once over.

betsy & iya buildout progress

Another exciting development? The window that'll be in our conference room/lounge area is finished, replacing a boarded over area. The glass panes will open – garage door style –  for maximum fresh air enjoyment when the weather allows. If you're local, drive by and check it out!

That's all for this update, my friends. If you're wondering "gee whiz, this is all so exciting, when the heck can we officially celebrate?" I say to you, stay tuned. BIG things are ahead: the date of our party, what special surprises await that day/night, and maybe a few other super cool, super top secret projects that will be revealed. It wouldn't be a betsy & iya endeavor without some magical mystery!

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